Wholesome Baby Food

I went to Whole Foods yesterday and stocked up on some organic fruits and veggies to start making food for Roman. He hasn’t been very  interested in store bought baby food. However, he loves when I mush up bananas. I’m hoping that means he’ll like “real” food better. I’ve been looking at recipes on Wholesome Baby Food and decided to start with something simple.

Last night, I tried making some carrots. I steamed them until they were very soft, about 20 minutes.

I put some on his tray. He would pick them up, but hasn’t mastered the “pinch” yet so he kind of had a rough time getting them into his mouth since they were so small.

He let me feed some to him and he liked them! He ate quite a few. I must admit they were delicious!

I also put some in the baby safe feeder, but he wasn’t as interested in it. I think I’ll stick to putting frozen food in it.

He also LOVES teething biscuits.

I’m planning to make him peaches, pears and apples. Anyone have baby food making tips?

Also, check out awesome this feature about The Knit Owl here! Thanks, Kristen!!


7 Comments on “Wholesome Baby Food”

  1. Holly says:

    If he still eats any pureed food, a hand blender works the best.

    I loved making food for my girls! Let his try some avocado while it’s in season! The more they try now, the easier it is to try new things later!

    • theknitowl says:

      Ok, thanks Holly! I’m about go get groceries, so I’ll grab an avocado. I have heard they’re a great first food. I can only get him to eat about 2 or 3 bites of anything pureed and then he clenches his mouth closed!! I’m still going to try though.

  2. Margo says:

    Hi! Sounds good and healthy. Your model is “The Cuteness”!
    How about trying apple and carrot together. I like that combination.

  3. Katie says:

    sweet potatoes were a hit and super easy to make and freeze. I agree with making the fruit/veggie combos too! That was how I got Isaac to even consider veggies.

  4. Holly Embry says:

    I can already tell you’re going to have so much fun cooking for your little man… 😉

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