Weekend Rehash

The weekend went by way fast, as it always does, but especially so because of daylight savings. I was hoping for a warm, sunny weekend, but it was the exact opposite! It’s so much harder to get things accomplished when it’s dreary out. I am starting to get excited to spring clean! We’ve lived in our place for almost a year now, but it still doesn’t feel settled. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I was pregnant when we moved in, which limited my ability to paint and organize like I wanted to and now we have a baby, which limits my time. So, I am going to take full advantage of the motivation spring brings and continue working on this place! Including, reorganizing the garage and making half of it into a studio space for The Knit Owl. Right now my fabric and yarn are stacked in bins. It makes it really hard to work on anything!

My brother celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Since I couldn’t be in Alabama to celebrate, I made him some rice krispie treats and mailed them. For some reason he thinks mine are the best! (I do add extra butter and a bit of vanilla.) Roman wanted to wish him a happy birthday and since he can’t talk or make anything yet, this is what we came up with.

Hope everyone has a great week!


3 Comments on “Weekend Rehash”

  1. damaris Fallin says:

    Maybe this spring will help motivate Bill and I to clean our garage. It sure needs it. Who knows what treasure lies beneath our bedroom we have forgotten about. Cute birthday wishes for Zac.

  2. What a good little birthday messenger! I saw Zach post his present on Facebook, bet he was super happy to receive the treats from his favorite sister šŸ™‚ Spring is so amazing.. And now the extra daylight? What more could one ask for! Maybe another hour in the day wouldn’t be too bad šŸ™‚

  3. Holly Embry says:

    I’ve still got lots of things that need to be done at my house too, and I don’t even have the good reasons you do. Good luck with the spring cleaning, you busy little bee!

    Roman is so cute with his little sign!

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