Baby Photo Book

After having Roman almost 8 months ago, we’ve got a huge collection of photos, THOUSANDS of photos to be exact. All of which were taken with a digital camera or our iPhones. I wanted a way to document each month of Roman’s first year and a way to use all of those photos. The thought of doing a traditional photo album or scrapbook seemed like a hassle. So, I checked out Shutterfly. As sort of a test, I created a photo book of pictures from our hospital stay. I absolutely love the way it turned out! I decided at the end of each book to write what I remember from the month. I love that I can upload photos and work on the books as I have time and then save them. I can also order multiple copies in case family wants one, too. Shutterfly is constantly offering discounts and credits, so I can save my projects until I have a discount to apply.

You can view my photo book for Month 1 here:  Roman Brant Month 1